Filth City, USA

by barfolemeow

So what is it.  You people.  What is it about you that causes you to be that way?

Are you unhappy at home? Are you unhappy in general?

You’re dirty. Really dirty. Very dirty.

This started at home? Your disdain started with your parents? 

Why does this bother me.  I’m far from perfect. Farther from better then you.

I don’t have that urge, your urge.  Other urges sure, obsessions sure, certainly.

The dirt. Scum. Filth. Everywhere. Remnants of you.  Essence of you.

Upbringing. Environment. What?

Hate? Displeasure? Why?

Graffiti? This is art? Lazy?

Trash. This is you.

Discards. From you.

Wrappers. Wrappings. Containers. Cigarette ends. You. Dirt. You. Left, discarded, forgotten, blight, you.