Navy Seals

by barfolemeow

Here we are with two more US Navy Seals dead. The mission to kill Osama Bin Laden took place May 1, 2011. Ever since that famous mission Seals seem to be dying in alarming ways and numbers. There was the Chinook helicopter shoot-down which you can read about here

And now the former Seals hired to guard the Maersk.

Is this retribution for the killing of Bin Laden? Did the Obama administration have any involvement? Were they given up as some part of sick agreement between the US government and our enemies?

At the absolute very least there must be an investigation into these deaths. Following the highly publicized Bin Laden mission there were many voices warning that the Obama administration decision to make public the details of the team used for the raid had placed the team and other Seals in danger. Is this the realization of those fears and warnings?